Why so secretly Ayesha Siddiqa?

While writing in favour of Cyril Almeida, she slipped her own story of secret Kabul meetings. Im talking about defence analyst Ayesha Siddiqa. She wont like to be criticized but if you are doing anti-state activities then you should have the guts to face the criticism.

In the name of a peace conference, she went to Kabul without any proper travel documents…looks like secret cover given by PMLN and PM Nawaz. There are news of her secret meetings with NDS officials and delivering of secret messages of Nawaz to Modi. She manipulated to board into a PIA flight PK-249 from Islamabad without valid travel documents and Afghan visa. Very senior level contacts in PIA and Ministry of Interior helped her travel out of the country.

Ayesha Siddiqa interestingly did not utter a word at the conference in Herat on 15 October 2016  instead after the conference proceedings at 2120 hrs, she was quietly taken to Indian Consulate Herat by security officer of the Consulate Mr Kulveer Singh. For this, she was provided a vehicle of Indian Consulate without number plate (white colour Land Cruiser). She spent over 3 hours having meetings with RAW officials including Mr Sandeep Kumar. During his visit to the Indian consulate, she had a telephonic conversation with India’s National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and requested a direct conversation with Indian PM Narendra Modi.

On 16 October 2016, she had a meeting with Indian Defence Advisor Brigadier YP Khanduri for 30 minutes, at Serena Hotel Kabul. During the meeting she requested financial support for the launch of her next book against Pakistan Army. She made another visit to Indian consulate the very next day.

Instead of spreading rumours and doing propaganda against armed forces of Pakistan, being a defence analyst she should open up the network of enemies working against Pakistan.



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