US Elections and Pak-US Relations!

US Election 2016 has been the hot topic of this year and currently it is the most discussed topic among the people. And the reason for this is obvious…The importance of USA and every country wants to keep relations with it.

The society of US is diverse. It is mixture of blacks, whites, and immigrants from Asian countries. Although US claims itself as champion of democracy, yet they have done biggest blunder of their history by selecting Donald Trump as their President. Yes, Donald Trump has finally won this election despite the fact how capable Hillary Clinton is.

Donald Trump is a business man and Hillary Clinton is a seasoned politician. Still he won because of the public sentiment as they dont want immigrants in their country and they supported the slogan of ‘building walls’.

The most interesting fact about US is that whoever is their President, their state policies remain same. So, those who are afraid of new President…they shouldn’t be…

While listening to Pakistanis living in US, they are afraid of being deported. They are afraid of racism and hate. The US Pakistan relations will remain the same as the interests of US in this region are still there. Their policy with respect to immigrants, and relations with other countries will remain the same. Instead of worrying about Trump’s election as President, we need to focus on our own system..on our own we can work to improve our country.



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