CPEC-A Benchmark

Balochistan is considered as richest province of Pakistan because of natural resources and Gwadar Port. Balochistan is bordering the regions of the Middle East, Southwest Asia, Central Asia and South Asia providing the shortest route from seaports to Central Asia. The geo strategic location of Balochistan is very important and its location is the key for its progress.

Pak-China Economic Corridor (CPEC) focuses on Balochistan and it will not only benefit Pakistan, but will also help in economic growth and development of whole region. There will be economic activity in Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Iran, Central Asian countries and it is connecting South and Central Asia as well Middle East.

Connecting Gwadar to China and Central Asia is a dream that every patriotic Pakistani want it to be done. The main reason is that CPEC will boost trade activities and will stabilize economy. Stable economy will bring prosperity and prosperity in this region will curb terrorism. The main reason of terrorism in South Asia is poverty. As soon as there will be elimination of poverty, crime rate and terrorists attacks will be eliminated. This will bring peace in South Asia and terrorists group will die down in this region.

Balochistan is gold mine and with such important geo-strategic location, neighboring countries consider it a threat however CPEC is important for flourishing economic activity in the region. Emergence of Chahbahar is good for Iran and India but Iran wants itself to be connected with Gawadar to get gains from CPEC. Chabahar is not a threat for Gawadar and CPEC as the investment in Chabahar is 500 million dollars however investment in CPEC is 45 billion dollars. The difference is obvious.

Another threat that we should be aware of is maritime terrorism, the way RAW has done in Srilanka and can do in Gawadar. The recent blasts at police training institute Saryab road  Quetta and Khuzdar Shrine shows how much frustrated our enemies are from CPEC. Yet, hats off to our army and security forces who are making our goals achievable.

The development of infrastructure in Balochistan is accomplished. Pakistan Army has taken guarantee of CPEC security and COAS has reiterated it in his statements. CPEC is the best initiative for progressing Pakistan and it is reflection of Pakistan and China friendship.



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