Dear Afghanistan..please stop!

Stability in this region is very very important for progress of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Peace in Afghanistan is need of time that will ensure regional peace and stability. There is need of talks between all stake holders of Afghanistan and this is what Pakistan stands for. Peace talks were a step towards peace and steps like these will help in initiating peace in Afghanistan.

Through operation ZarbeAzb, terrorists’ infrastructure in Waziristan was destroyed but TTP made its hideouts in Afghanistan. There is need of joint military co-operation to end terrorism from this region.The meetings of Pakistani officials is meant for regional peace. Pakistan reiterated whole hearted support for Afghanistan and its leadership to bring peace in Afghanistan.

It is very sad to see that Afghanistan blames Pakistan for its troubles however Pakistan always stands for peace in Afghanistan because when there is peace in Afghanistan there will be peace in Pakistan as well. Instead of blaming Pakistan, Afghanistan should look into the work done by Indian consulates and how NDS is working on their agenda.

Securing Pak-Afghan border is right of Pakistan. The continuous blame of terrorists infiltration demands check posts and secured border.

Pakistan is hosting millions of Afghan refugees since last three decades. Both countries can progress only if peace sustains. Afghanistan and other regional countries should realize the importance of peace talks because such is a rare occasion for restoring peace and it does not come every day. Blaming Pakistan is not solution of Afghanistan’s problems, they need to remove TTP hideouts for the regional peace.


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