FATA is blooming….

The infiltration of terrorists in our tribal areas through Afghanistan brought trend of terrorist groups and terrorism. Operation ZarbeAzb was launched on 15th of June 2014 against these terrorists. Terrorists and their hideouts were destroyed through military operations.

The rehabilitation of IDPs was the major challenge after the operation. Making way for Dec 2016 return of all displaced families back to their homes (FATA), the authorities are investing in the tribal areas’ infrastructure to ensure lasting peace.

There are 285 development schemes,currently ongoing, of Rs 3.85 billion. These development schemes include 135 solar powered water projects, 82 schools, 4 health facilities and 61 markets that have 1,050 shops. There are 11 mosques out of 149 that are already been renovated.
Road of 335 kilometers are now covered by an expansive road network as well. There are also plans to work on the WANA air strip and PIA is being contacted to begin service in the area. Another road of 550 kilometers has been constructed in FATA, which is more than length of Lahore-Islamabad motorway. It was construction of central trade corridor, which starts from Dera Ismail Khan passes through FATA and connects tribal areas to Afghanistan through WANA.


There are other accomplished projects in the area which includes completion of Gomal Zam Dam. This dam has benefited the agriculture sector of Tank and Dera Ismail Khan districts. The electricity generated from this dam will also be provided exclusively to the households of South Waziristan. The ongoing efforts of FWO in repairing the damaged electricity structure in the area as well as the completion of WANA grid station for the purpose.

Younis Khan cricket stadium is being inaugurated two days before by Army Chief. This stadium will inspire sports in the area. With the sacrifices of our soldiers and ongoing development work for people of FATA, our tribal belt will blossom soon.



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