Actions against Baloch banned outfits

The insurgency in Balochistan had been a problem and a big hurdle in progress and development of this province. The main reason is the incompetent  Baloch Sardars and politicians who were never serious in doing work for their people.

There are banned outfits of BLA, BRA and some extremist groups who are involved in terrorists’ activities of Balochistan. The law enforcement agencies of the province are taking strict action against banned outfits.

With the launch of ZarbeAzb, the action against banned outfits increased. Better inter-agency coordination between police, Frontier Corps and intelligence agencies the action against these banned groups increased. These groups are running on foreign funds. The matter of suspected Afghan and Indian intervention in Balochistan need to be taken at diplomatic level.
The deadly attacks and the prevailing law and order situation in Quetta is the main reason of demolishing these banned groups. The authorities have consensus on this action and its ongoing without any discrimination.

The ongoing action is jointly by police, FC and other law enforcement agencies. Many people have surrendered to forces and they are welcomed to their communities.

The main target of these banned outfits is to sabotage the development of Balochistan. We should appreciate work of our security forces. The morale, courage and determination of security forces personnel should stay high and we all should support them.


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