Gen.Raheel Shairf-a brain bringing National Unity Against Terrorism

When he took over the charge of Pakistan Army in 2013, the country was facing terrorism and every one was talking about peace talks with TTP…yet no one was daring to fight against them. And the person who dared to take against terrorists was YOU. Im talking about, no one other but, Gen. Raheel Sharif. 

After the failure of peace talks and continuous terrorists’ activities, especially after Karachi airport attack, the leadership of the country decided to take action against terrorists and their hideouts. ZarbeAzb was launched on 15th of June 2014 in North Waziristan.

As a result of operation ZarbeAzb, more than 8000 terrorists are killed and their hideouts are destroyed. This operation was extended throughout the country. NAP was implemented after APS attack and groups that were involved in hate speech and extremism were banned. Sipah-e-sihaba and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi were banned. The operation against banned outfits was increased in Balochistan. Action was taken against terrorists’ groups in Balochistan, who are foreign funded, like BLA BRA etc. FC Balochistan did successful operation against them and many people surrendered peacefully infront of forces. 

Karachi operation was launched by PakArmy and it should tremendous results in bringing peace in Karachi. There is 69% decline in terrorism within last 2 years. 

Taking decision of military courts and hanging terrorists through these courts is the successful initiative by General Raheel Sharif. 

He represented Pakistan at international level and made international community recognize the services of Pakistan against terrorism. The world acknowledges COAS as #1 Army General of the world and it is a great pride for us..for Pakistan. 


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