Raheel Sharif-Best Army Chief!

Its remarkable to see a Pakistani General turning out to be a STAR of the world. Its great to see General Raheel Sharif being acknowledged by International media for his services. He is not popular locally in his own public but he is World STAR now. Contribution of COAS in rooting out terrorism from the country and stabilizing the democracy have been appreciated by The Australian, BBC, CNN and many more.

Rooting out terrorism from the country was the major target of Army Chief and Pakistan has seen 69% of decline in terrorism. The tide of terrorism in Balochistan has been turned against terrorists and their sympathizers. Large number of Ferraris have surrendered and Pakistan army has shown commitment to continue to work with the provincial and federal govt towards greater security and stability.

COAS has said already, in one of his farewell speeches, that security and assistance to civil government in institution building and development work in remote areas has been his priority which brought him to Balochistan almost every month.

Southern Command has managed an arduous task of construction of over 1000 KM long road network in the rugged and hostile terrain..FWO and NLC which helped in building up CPEC in a stipulated time frame.

Gwadar port and CPEC will shine into new era of hope and prosperity for the area. CPEC has turned out to be the benchmark that will bring fruits not only for present but for future generations of Balochistan as well.

Our Army, apart from fighting the insurgents, has also put in place commendable initiatives in the education sector and providing employment to Baloch youth by recruiting more than five thousand in the Army. These measures will help in eliminating the sense of deprivation in the province and thereby denying the insurgents of a legitimate cause to mislead the Baloch youth.

The military action against the insurgents designed to establish the writ of the state in the province must continue with unruffled commitment as emphasised by the COAS.

The efforts of law enforcement agencies for stability and development of the Balochistan are commendable. The law and order situation in the province had substantially improved in the last 3 years and had begun to show its impact.

India is also trying to sabotage the CPEC through covert and overt means and making vigorous efforts to malign Pakistan at the international level by projecting its image as a state sponsoring terrorist activities in the neighboring countries, especially India.

Needless to emphasize that CPEC presents a historic opportunity to change economic profile of Pakistan and the economic situations of its teeming millions, especially the people of Balochistan besides unleashing an era of shared economic prosperity in the region, with Pakistan playing the role of an economic hub. Indeed Gen.Raheel Sharif has proved himself as best army chief and professional soldier.





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