Challenges for new Army Chief

With the change of command yesterday, Pakistan army has new army chief now…General Qamar Bajwa. The services and work of his predecessor General Raheel Sharif are being appreciated by people. The legacy set by General Raheel Sharif should continue.

With the gain in position, General Bajwa has to face challenges as new army chief. The top most challenge is to finish operation ZarbeAzb successfully. The operation ZarbeAzb was launched on 15th June 2014 in North Waziristan and still ongoing. This operation was expanded to other tribal areas by name Khyber-1 and Khyber-2.

Although the IDPs are going back to their homes, 2 stadiums i.e. Younis Khan and Afridi Cricket stadiums are being inaugurated, yet peaceful settlement of IDPs is one of the challenges that new Chief has to look upon.

Terrorism is still a biggest challenge despite the fact that Gen. Raheel did great job in taking Pakistan out from terrorism. He targeted terrorists and their  hide outs, nation hopes that Gen.Bajwa will continue this legacy.  Terrorists and extremists must be wiped out without any discrimination

Peace in Karachi is another challenge that new COAS has to look into. National action plan, which general Sharif has alluded to and which he has implemented all across the country, is  destroying terrorists and terrorism with tremendous success in Karachi…yet it is conspicuous by its absence in Punjab. Nation hopes that Gen. Bajwa will live up to expectations… Punjab Operation is awaited.

Nation expects from New COAS more success on the national defense strategies at an affordable cost to the nation. An improved civil-military interface inclined towards the national priorities (Action against Corruption).

Strict Policy towards India is need of time as the tension at LoC is increasing. The challenges are many and the hopes are high from new COAS …but new Army Chief is competent enough to deal with these challenges.




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