Media creating tensions…

As the world is advancing in technology, media is turning out to be the most important pillar of the state. Yet, it is very unfortunate that media is not playing its part as it should. In Pakistan, media is using freedom to give hype to conspiracies which needs to end.

In current situation, when we are fighting against terrorism, we are facing corruption and there is dire need of rule of law, media should play a responsible role. We need to bridge the gaps…gaps in our society…gaps to be filled with unity…yet media channels focus on highlighting negative news instead of promoting the positive side of Pakistan.

Just compare our media with the West or Indian media..their media never highlights negative news especially related to their security agencies. However, our media highlights negative propaganda.

There are some media houses, like GEO, who continuously try to create conspiracy against Armed forces and try to create tensions between civil and military leadership. There are some talk shows of anchors/journalists who talk on false assumptions and propaganda that has no base. Journalists like Hamid Mir, Taha Siddiqui, should be banned.

Keeping aside print and electronic media, social media played positive as well as negative role. The social media cell of Maryam Nawaz/PMLN created few propagandazz in order to get rid of panama leaks pressure.

Last 3 years had been successful as far as civil-military relations are concerned. Being 4th pillar of state, media should play a positive role for Pakistan.


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