Exploitation of Balochs…

Balochistan is gold mine for Pakistan as this province is rich in natural resources and by area it is largest province of Pakistan. But it is very unfortunate that people of Balochistan and resources are being exploited by their own Baloch sardars.

These sardars and so called Baloch Lords exploit people by saying that Gas, the major natural resource of Balochistan, is used for industries and millions of households of Punjab while Balochs are living in poverty. This point is used by the Baloch separatist groups for separation of Balochistan from Pakistan however it is obvious that those who work hard get the jobs. These Baloch politicians neither worked on education nor training of their people and thats why the population of this province lagged behind.

Balochistan is in news, most of the times, because of  terrorism and killings of innocent people. There are so many rumours about the factors involved behind this mess which is currently faced by the locals out there. some people say that these are freedom fighters which are working to separate Balochistan from Pakistan as government is biased and not giving attention to their problems, one more narrative is that foreign intelligence agencies are involved in this and they are trying to destabilize Pakistan through this. Both narratives are correct but interlinked with each other. Government has been giving the due budget to the Balochistan but the Sardars out there never spent a single rupee for the welfare of the people and through that money they raised their own armies and kept all the people in darkness. This is what the ground reality is and none can deny this fact when he or she has a bit of knowledge about the current situation and factors behind it.

At this moment the biggest responsibility is of the elected government to make sure that the people living out there must get the basic education and a collective effort should be made to bring peace and stability in the province. There should be collaboration among all Law enforcement agencies to hunt and eliminate the terrorists from the land of Balochistan. There should be a check and balance that no the funds are spent in a right way and all the departments are working for betterment of the province which is also the betterment of the country.



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