Afghanistan: Safe haven of TTP

Its been more than a decade that Pakistan is facing terrorism. We are fighting against terrorism and ZarbeAzb is proof of this. Afghan President recent bashing about Pakistan at Heart of Asia conference is baseless.

We should give aggressive response to Afghanistan at diplomatic level. We should tell them that they are nurturing killer of our kids i.e. Mullah Fazlullah. Evidence of Fazlullah’s presence in Afghanistan had been shared with Kabul but Ghani’s Government took no action.

As anniversary of APS attack is coming on 16th December, our prime minister should remind Ashraf Ghani that Fazlullah is  in Afghanistan. Ashraf Ghani need to realize that Pakistan is hosting three million Afghan refugees. Why don’t they take these refugees to India? Afghan President Ashraf Ghani must prepare to welcome back millions of Afghan refugees living on Pakistan soil for 30 years. Afghan refugees have enjoyed the livelihood with complete perks and privileges as a Pakistani citizen.

Ashraf Ghani is hated by his own people for failing to bring good governance and improve law and order, so he finds it easy to blame Pakistan. Ghani thinks he can salvage his woes by being a sidekick of ‘butcher of Muslims Modi’ but Afghans will never forgive him
Ashraf Ghani is strengthening RAW-NDS Nexus.

Ghani’s administration and NDS has facilitated RAW to run their operations in Pakistan. TTP head is still hiding in Afghanistan while Ghani blaming Pakistan for terrorists. Ashraf Ghani’s allegations of infiltration of Taliban from Pakistan are baseless. Pakistan is victim of NDS-RAW’s nexus of terrorism.

The international community knows there is no truth in the allegations of Ashraf Ghani. Pakistan has always stood up against terrorism and is successfully eradicating it. It’s India and Afghanistan that are the root causes to bring terrorism in South Asia.


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