Victory of Mansoor Jhangvi is failure of Democracy

Last week, elections were held for PP 78 in Jhang. The result was quite surprising as Mansoor Jhangvi won the election by clear majority. Isnt it alarming that member of banned group, i.e. Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, was elected for Punjab assembly? Is this democracy…really?

 PP-78 raises question on implementation of National action plan (NAP) by civil administration. People should ask their leaders why NAP is lagging behind?

Democracy is for the people, by the people, to the people. The so called ‘liberals’ of our society keep on chanting about democracy. Now why they are silent and not raising their voices against this? Mansoor Jhangvi as MPA of Punjab assembly means that his vision is the vision of people of Jhang. His victory means that LeJ has acceptability in PP 78. The approach of people should be changed and how change will come…change will come through EDUCATION.

The democracy in rural areas will show its fruit when people will be educated. Unfortunately attention is not given to schools and colleges for rural areas or for small cities and we see there are few universities in Pakistan. That is why the literacy rate in Pakistan is less than 60% and people are deprived of the basic come these people be able to vote right leaders of their constituency?


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