16th Dec 1971: Darkest day in Pakistan’s history…

Wars are the most painful and testing time in nation’s history. All Pakistanis know about the darkest day of Pakistan’s history..and that is ‘the fall of Dhaka’. Its black day of Pakistani history as we lost our eastern wing on 16th December 1971. No Pakistani can ever forget it when East Pakistan got removed from world map and Bangladesh emerged as a new state infront of world.

The aftermath of the war is an unforgettable harsh part of our history that how General Niazi surrendered to his Indian counterpart by giving his weapon in a public gathering where thousands of people of East Pakistan were gathered. Not only this, but it was a great blow to have our one hand cut from our body.

Instead of discussing the whole 1971 war, lets discuss the main reason behind this war and what lesson we learnt..how those lessons are applicable in today’s scenerio…

Mugti Bahini was the main terrorist organization that created anarchy in East Pakistan. Mugti Bahini was Indian sponsored terrorist group who had full support from RAW and Indian Government. Last year, Prime Minister Modi accepted in his public speech that India was behind Mugti Bahini.

The world should realize how India interferes in other countries through state terrorism. The same strategy of Mugti Bahini is now used by BLA, BRA, TTP and other Indian sponsored terrorists groups. In 1971, we failed in war because of geographical and communication gap between East and West Pakistan but today Balochistan is physically connected to rest of provinces of Pakistan. Our armed forces and intelligence agencies are vigilantly working against security threats.

16th Dec is the day that makes us realize that we should be aware of our enemies. Our enemies today are same as that of past who want to destabilize us BUT we will have to stay UNITED against them all.


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