APS Massacre-an unforgettable tragedy!

16th December 2014- the most tragic day in history of Pakistan when terrorists attacked and martyred 150 APS children. The tragedy that struck Pakistan on 16th Decembertwo years back has impacted the nation with an irreplaceable loss and a gap that can never be filled. Remembering today and praying for the 150 innocent lives that were lost two years ago. Sacrifices of APS martyrs have given nation a new resolve. APS martyrs are pride of the entire nation.

Military courts got established and they were the demand of every citizen of Pakistan  because we don’t have the strength to carry any more coffins of innocent people on our shoulders.

It is understandable that Pakistan has adopted extraordinary measures to deal with the terror situation. Establishing military courts was one such measure. Our country is experiencing a turnaround in the positive direction in countering terrorism. Military courts played huge role in it. It should be prolonged.

National action plan..another national resolve that was implemented after APS massacre. NAP provided a framework for Pakistan’s new counter-terrorism policy that emphasized a cooperative effort by the civilian govt. Still Civilian govt is lacking on their part. Much sustained work is still needed in this respect on the part of the military and the civilian Government. 

Pakistani nation must stands united against TTP terrorists and their apologists or supporters. Biggest threats to Pakistan are TTP apologists who are openly support terrorists and oppose any action against them.

As anniversary of APS attack approaches, Prime minister should also remind Ashraf Ghani that Fazlullah is still in Afghanistan. Afghan President is bashing Pakistan, why can’t we tell them that they are nurturing Killer of our kids Mullah Fazlullah in their lap. Evidence of Fazlullah’s presence in Afghanistan had been shared with Kabul but Ghani’s Government took no action.

Jamaatul Ahrar a splinter of TTP, perpetrator of APS attack has safe havens in Afghanistan…..a question mark on ISAF. Perpetrators of APS attack had been traced to Afghanistan but still action against TTP has not been taken by ISAF.  It has been reported that Indian consulates in Afghanistan are harboring ISIS. India is arming and training ISIS in Afghanistan.


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