Pak-Russia: increasing their ties

Pakistan and Russia has now aimed to become leading regional partners in order to refute Indian propaganda to isolate Islamabad. After cold war era, Islamabad and Moscow held their first-ever consultation on regional issues yesterday here in Islamabad. The Soviet Union invasion on Afghanistan in 1979  propelled Pakistan to move towards US and after dispersion of Soviet Union into different states, Moscow and Islamabad had no diplomatic ties. But now, both are now heading to a new start after the cold war rivalry where Pakistan was siding US.

This new start will end the propaganda of Modi’s Government to isolate Pakistan. India has failed to isolate Pakistan despite of its immoral propaganda. Islamabad has moved more closer towards Moscow than Dehli. Both have mutual interests in Afghanistan and Moscow seems to have interest in CPEC.

On 14th December, there was official meeting held between foreign ministry of Pakistan and delegation of Russia and they discussed whole range of regional issues as well as key areas of mutual interest. These included economic cooperation and connectivity. Pakistan and Russia were planning exchange of visits in the coming months to enhance the relationship further.

Defence analysts are saying that Pakistan and Russia are now moving in the right direction leaving their past behind because the cold war is long over now and both countries need to move forward. Pakistan and Russia could become formidable partners. The ties are improving over the years. This is a positive sign for the region and also it is a good lesson for India who wants to isolate Pakistan. In today’s world we cannot depend on a single country. We should have good ties with US, Russia and others at the same time.


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