Dear Afghans, wakeup! India is using your soil…

Afghans need to realize how brutally their soil is being used by Indians for their dirty agendas. To achieve their targets, Afghans are paying heavy price in form of terrorism. India is using its consulates in Jalalabad and Kandahar to fund, train and arm Baloch militants against Pakistan. These militants are being used to create unrest in Balochistan.

Sabotaging Pak-China Economic Corridor (CPEC) is the main target of India for which they are using Afghan soil. India trying to create another Bangladesh by creating unrest and funding to separatists in Balochistan in the same way as they created Mugti Bahini. Situation of 1971 war and the surrounding the events are completely different from the situation in Baluchistan in present.

This time, Indian strategy to break Pakistan is not going to be successful as Pakistani people are more educated and aware. People of Balochistan know the real prosperity lays in living with Pakistan. History shows that Pakistan does not succumb to Indian threats. Baloch rebels activists have repeatedly admitted of receiving India’s ‘moral’ support and funding.  

600 Baloch tribals were being trained RAW in Afghanistan to handle explosives, engineer bomb blasts, and use sophisticated weapons. Pakistan understands that Baloch insurgents have got training in camps of Afghanistan, organised by Indian intelligence agency. The nexus between the Indian National Security Advisor, Mr Ajit Doval and the ISIS has already been reported in international press while Pakistan has often complained about Indian involvement in Balochistan. The people of Balochistan had clearly rejected foreign sponsored terrorists and helped the state in busting their network.


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