Why you always blame us?

Recent Berlin attack was a very sad incident that took away lives of 12 people and 48 people got badly injured. Today, I came across an article written by Aarti Tikoo Singh in Times of India and it seemed like just writing baseless points against Pakistan. The author said in it that unless world powers get together to dismantle nuclear Pakistan’s jihadi terror camps, we will keep seeing attacks like Berlin.

Linking Berlin attack to Pakistan is quite astonishing and illogical when the news is public that ISIS has accepted the responsibility of attack. Its been more than one decade, Pakistan is fighting against terrorism.

Pakistan’s nuclear program is India specific and IAEA is satisfied with standards of Pakistan nuclear plants. So the so called ‘worriers’ of the world dont need to be worried about Pakistan nuclear program..it is in safe hands and is secure.

As far as terror camps are concerned..ZarbeAzb has removed terrorists and their hideouts from tribal areas and action against their sleeper cells is taken nation wide. Karachi operation, Punjab operation and operation in Balochistan are perfect examples of this.

We have lost more than seventy thousand lives and more than one hundred billion dollars of finance in this fight against terrorism..still the ‘intellectuals’ lie Aarti Tikoo blame Pakistan for any terrorist activity in the world…WOW!



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