Look who is yelling against India..their own soldiers!

The focus of Indian Government is on attacking Pakistan and Pak-China Economic Corridor(CPEC) however they need to focus on their own affairs. One of the main Indian issue that Indian Government need to address is about their own soldiers.

Indian soldiers are criticizing Indian Army on social media. Isnt it a big shame? How they can fight war with Pakistan when needs of their own soldiers isnt fulfilled. They are not even feeding their own soldiers…

70 years passed but still 140 years backwardness in India is all due to corrupt administrators and corrupt politicians.

As Indian soldiers complaint videos are viral on social media. Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat has threatens the soldiers complaining. Isnt it a coward approach?

Indian constable of posted videos on social media complaining about quality of the food and exposing the corruption in the Indian army. After exposing Indian military, Tej Bahadur Yadav was transferred to headquarters as a plumber.

This act of Indian chief is merely run away strategy to hide its institution’s corruption. Instead of removing corruption from their institution, they are pressurizing their own soldiers.


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