Professionalism of Pakistan Army…

Pakistan army is one of the hardest in the world. Making place among top 6 armies of the world means the performance is better than others especially better than India. Taking down terrorists in Zarb-E-Azb (Military operation in North Waziristan), bringing peace in Karachi and rooting out terrorism from Pakistan are the milestones that Pakistan Army has achieved because of its hard working soldiers and professionalism.

However, the performance of Indian Army cannot compete performance of Pakistan Army. Its been 70  years but Indian Army is not able to remove violence and freedom struggle from Kashmir and some other provinces. Khalistan movement is taking boom day by day. This shows performance of Indian soldiers is not up to the mark. The recent video of BSF Tej Bahadur Yadav has proved that even basic necessities of their soldiers is not fulfilled.

Pakistan army commandos are claimed to be one of the toughest forces of the world and have 3rd place with the US green berets having 1st and British SAS having 2nd place.

There are few reasons why Pakistan army is the best and they can beat India in war:

1) The first war between Pakistan and India (1947) Pakistan had no weapons except guns and India had everything and lot of tanks and still Pakistan and India drawed because both sides killed 1500 troops and Pakistan wounded 115 more than India.
2) The second war was lost by India. Pakistan had 260000 number of troops and India had 700000.
3) Pakistan won the Kargil war in 1999 even though Pakistan didn’t get use its air force and India used air force and infantry. Also Pakistan had 5000 troops in that war and India had 30,000.
5) In 2010 and 2012 Pakistan army came came 1st place in a world wide competition.
6) since 2008 Pakistan nuclear power has grown by 40 percent and is stronger than India’s.


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