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Meanwhile, In Pakistan’s eastern neighboring country, the burnol sales goes highest in the century. Thank you, AMAN-17.

AMAN -17, a multi-national naval drill, partaken by over 35 nations from all across the globe concluded on Tuesday slapping the vendors of the phenomenon of “Isolated Pakistan” real hard.  AMAN exercise is not a new notion, first AMAN drill was held in March, 2007 which was a big success as a maiden event of AMAN exercise. Pakistan holds this exercise every alternate year. “AMAN” is a word, taken from Urdu language synonymous to “peace”. “Together for Peace” is the slogan of AMAN exercise, which clearly depicts its agenda.  It also demonstrates the intentions of the “Land of Pure” towards regional peace and stability.

The exercise was a fine exhibition of strength, skills and capabilities of the associated nations to fight the terrorism and other maritime intimidations. It helped to refine the maritime…

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