Census 2017

After around 19 years, Pakistan is conducting census this year. Pakistan army is providing assistance to Government in assisting census. The census would be conducted with the assistance of over 200,000 troops in approximately 168,000 blocks.

There are approximately 168,000 blocks, and there will be a soldier accompanying every civilian enumerator on that level. Soldiers will go door to door with enumerators, fill in their own forms and once the data is provided to the soldier ─ who will have a link to the Nadra ─ will be able to get Nadra verification of the data immediately.

The army has created a support plan for the census according to which the military has three tasks that the census is smooth, transparent and that security and law and order are maintained.

Take the soldier who comes to your door for the census as a thank you from the Army for your devotion, and please cooperate with him

Reliable and authentic Census is the first foundation stone of any meaningful planning and development. We should cooperate with armed forces for peaceful census, marked this as a gift for nation by army.


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