Dear Afghan Govt, please open ur eyes!

The negligence of Afghan Government has taken the country towards unrest and anarchy and they don’t own their mistakes, instead they put all the blame on Pakistan which is wrong. Pakistan is fighting against terrorists and their hideouts and border management is becoming better day by day.

Afghan Government need to identify fanatics in their own land. One of latest threat that Afghanistan is going to face in increasing influence of Indian military academy (IMA). IMA is forcing Afghan students to involve in un Islamic activities. Our brethren neighbouring country to open eyes and stop sending Afghan cadets to IMA.

The influence of IMA has given negative impact on Afghan cadets. They are not getting good training infact building negative habits among cadets.

Afghan officials need to review their policy of getting their cadets trained from India..their cadets are learning habits of drinking, and Indian culture which is not grooming them it is infact fading them….


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