Militants Free Balochistan..

Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan and focal point of Pak-China Economic Corridor (CPEC). Balochistan is connecting the regions of the Middle East, Southwest Asia, Central Asia and South Asia providing the shortest route from seaports to Central Asia. The geo-strategic location of Balochistan is very important and its location is the key for its progress.

Due to importance of Balochistan, this province is target of enemies. Baloch separatist groups are creating unrest in this province. Foreign funding is provided to these separatist groups is provided by RAW. These banned separatist groups are BLA, BRA, BLF.

FC and other law enforcement agencies are doing operation against these militant groups. 434 militants from BLA and BRA have surrendered to the authorities. The authorities say that around 1500 militants have surrendered so far. The surrender ceremony was attended by senior military and civilians leaders.

LEAs are looking forward for surrender of more militants. This proves that terrorists groups are weakened and peace will prevail in Balochistan.



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