Hang Kulbushan…

Kulbushan Yadav is Indian RAW officer who was arrested on 3 March 2016 during a counter-intelligence operation in Balochistan. He was given death sentence by COAS on 10th April 2017.

Kulbushan Yadav was not only spying he was given task to destabilize Pakistan through terrorism. He confessed in his interview that he developed network in Iran and then he came to Balochistan to hit CPEC (Pak-China Economic Corridor).

India has moved to International court of Justice now. Kulbhushan was not only spying for RAW but he was training Baloch separatist groups like UBA, BSO, and BLA terrorists. Kulbhushan is a culprit and no court can prove him innocent. Due to terrorism, Pakistan has lost more than 70, 000 lives and many homes are broken and people have lost their loved ones. 

Kulbushan has committed his crimes himself then the punishment is inevitable. He should apologize to Pakistani nation on behalf of India. He was working for Indian Government and his apology will mean that its an apology from India. 

ICJ proceedings are in no way a win for India, its a mere acknowledgement by ICJ. India should not misunderstand this. If Kalbhushan Jadhav is not a spy, why is India so concerned and knocking the doors of ICJ.
Brussels December 1874 Article 20 will be applied in which it states that “Spy shall be tried and treated according to the laws in force in the army which captures him.”

In any case, Kulbushan should apologize on TV because he is culprit of terrorism in Pakistan. 


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