Youth will kill Extremism…

Extremism and sectarianism has focus on dividing societies. Pakistan stands against all forms of extremism, sectarianism and terrorism. Foreign funded lobbies and sectarian groups are working to flourish sectarianism in our society.

Sectarianism is an issue which we cannot easily let go. Government must pay attention to sectarian issue beside other problems of Pakistan. There is need to reunite the whole nation, there is need to remove the misunderstanding and differences in nation.

The Government should not release those criminals who are involved in sectarian killings, punish them. Extremist elements must face law. Radical militant organizations like ASWJ pose the biggest threat to Pakistan’s sovereignty and security.

On 17th May 2017, youth seminar was held at GHQ where Army Chief and guest speakers emphasized on role of youth in killing extremism. Different extremist groups are targeting mindset of youth so that extremism would flourish in society. Today Pakistan is passing through tough time and its our young lot that has to come forward and fight against extremism and sectarianism. We have lost many lives due to sectarian violence and now we should be united against it.

There is need to realize that Pakistan is one nation and not the combination of different ideologies. We get this country on the power of unity and we should re-unite ourselves for the survival of our country.



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