You cannot get rid of Panama case :p

PMLN is doing political mistakes as they were doing in past. To take away public attention, Government is now using different tactics and dragging PakArmy into political matters which is not acceptable. The purpose of these tactics is to malign Pakistan army.

Panama decision is near. One of these tactics is LoC firing. Some analysts believe that disturbance at Line of Control is due to Nawaz’s bowing attitude towards India. The purpose of disturbance at LoC is to diverge the attention of people from highlighted issue.

Pakistan Army is co-operating with Government at every level but still if PMLN do propaganda that army is against democracy than its false. Government is given chance otherwise army would have taken step of Martial law. Moreover, Army gave chance to government on Dawn leaks issue by taking back its statement as DG ISPR did press conference and then tweet on 29th April.

Panama decision is near, gov will divert the fiasco towards LOC, jindal, kulbushan and will defame army thru malicious campaign

Another diversion tactics could be the case of Kulbushan Yadav. As the decision of the Indian spy is still pending in ICJ court.

Recently, FIA has arrested some social media activists and the propaganda by PMLN started that army has grabbed them however those social media activists grabbed by FIA were in favour of army. So why would army support arrest of those activists?

Supreme Court should take notice and bring culprits infront of public. Government and judiciary should perform its duties just like PakArmy is doing.


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