The fake Shining India!

India has done alot of fake propaganda about its economic development and has tried to convince the world that its not an ordinary country but a ‘Shining one’. They tell the world that investors should invest in India as emerging economic boom. All efforts of Indian marketing with respect to shining India failed when international organizations saw Indian brutalities on Kashmir people, saw combined graves and atrocities of Indian army in Assam and ManiPur.

Who are these people about whom no one cares? They are not being helped neither by their BJP Government nor by their organizations.  They dont have homes, live on streets, dont have shelter to save themselves from sun and heat.

Yet…. focus of Indian Government is to buy more arms and ammunition and to fund their RAW to conduct terrorist activities in neighbouring countries. Why dont international community raise voice in this matter and force India to focus on its people rather than focusing on spying and terrorism.

People in Kashmir are dying, Sikh community has faced discrimination and Khalistan movement emerged. Yet, Indian consulates in Afghanistan are funding terrorist groups like TTP and BLA. Moreover, it has been revealed that Indian defence adviser Ajit Doval has been supporting ISIS and US has taken notice of this. The statement of Indian PM during his visit to Bangladesh and statement of Indian minister (that we conduct terrorism to counter) reveals that focus of India is on destabilizing Pakistan and other neighbouring countries rather than focusing on its people and poverty elimination.


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