PMLN’s propaganda for JIT…

The ongoing Panama case is focus of public attention these days. People on social media keep on discussing about the developments of the case. The social media groups of political parties bash each other on Panama case especially PTI and PMLN.

Recently, JIT called on Hussain Nawaz for inquiry. To make JIT controversial, PMLN has intentionally propagated the photo of Hussain Nawaz inquiry’s infront of Joint Investigation Team to catch public sympathy.

featured image

When Hussain Nawaz went in for JIT investigation he was wearing white shalwar qameez but he was wearing black shalwar qameez in the viral photo spread by PMLN. It is the propaganda by PMLN as they are the only beneficiary of it. After public protests of PMLN workers and accusations on JIT, now leaked photo of an innocent looking Hussain is being grilled. Everyone know what is being achieved by all this.

The purpose of propagating this picture is to show that JIT is biased and leaking the pictures whereas it’s not JIT behind the leak. Moreover, PMLN wants to secure a position to build the political case against JIT if the findings are against PMLN. This drama can make the investigation controversial and it is another leak episode to malign JIT. Sharif family should stop this propaganda so that the decision would be fair and merit based.


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