PMLN’s cry and future of Panama Case!

Son of PM Nawaz Sharif, Hussain Nawaz appeared before JIT and raised objections on two members of JIT. None of these members are from ISI or MI so there won’t be any impact on image of Pakistan Army nor intelligence agencies.

Current Scenario.

  • Hussain Nawaz picture is leaked in social media. JIT called on Hussain Nawaz for inquiry. To make JIT controversial, PMLN has intentionally propagated the photo of Hussain Nawaz inquiry’s infront of Joint Investigation Team to catch public sympathy.

  • The purpose of propagating this picture is to show that JIT is biased and leaking the pictures whereas it’s not JIT behind the leak.

  • PMLN wants to secure a position to build the political case against JIT if the findings are against PMLN. This drama can make the investigation controversial and it is another leak episode to malign JIT.

  • Most of the journalist’s view regarding JIT is positive given that it means to expose the corruption of NS and many of them defended the leaked photo of Hussain Nawaz too saying that it’s a tactics by government to malign army. Very few of them, however, raised speculations regarding JIT. Some demanded to find the source of the leak of the Hussain Nawaz photo but overall media persons are raising questions against PMLN.

Future perspective.

The possible options of JIT decision can be:

  1. If the decision is against PMLN, the corruption of Sharif family will be proved and Prime Minister will have to resign from his post.

  2. If the decision is in favour of PMLN, Prime minister will stay in his position with power.

  3. In case of give and take decision, Prime minister will stay in his position but he won’t have powers to take any decision and he won’t be able to attend parliamentary session.

The probability of option ‘c’ is high. Give and take policy will be followed.



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