PM going infront of JIT…

Attempts to make JIT controversial have been on boom since SC announced the JIT. Many prominent names like Hussain Nawaz, Nehal Hashmi questioned the credibility of JIT. Hussain Nawaz’s leaked picture seemed like another stunt to prove innocent in front of the masses. All for nothing.

This Thursday PM will be appearing before JIT. Panama JIT has summoned Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to appear on 15th June 2017. Many political analysts are viewing JIT in positive light and its high time Nawaz Sharif would be made answerable for all the corruption he did. When we look back at the series of events, we see that all the Prime Minister’s involved in controversies resigned once their name was pulled in the mud. The PM of Iceland is the biggest example here. When his name appeared in Panama papers, the next decision he took was to resign from his post.

If we look into performance of Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister and PMLN as ruling party, we see a lot of weaknesses. They have taken so much loans from foreign banks. Loans on Pakistan have increased in last 3 years and there is no betterment in Pakistan’s economy.

Now, PMLN will start campaign on social media to get sympathies for Prime minister. Instead of gaining sympathies from people, if PM would had worked for Pakistan with sincerity, this situation would not had come on PM and PMLN.


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