Good bye Dear Naraaz Sharif….

Sharif family and their corruption is the main topic of public discussion these days. The ongoing Panama case is, no doubt, focus of public attention these days. People on social media have kept on discussing about the developments of the case. The social media groups of political parties and different groups bash each other on Panama case for example PTI bash PMLN for this.

This present government has failed to run the administration and bring in country to the right dimension. People want health, education and basic necessities of life however Government has failed to provide these facilities to people because of inflation and corruption.

The face of the ruling party is dirty now because of their corruption…people now know about their corruption.  JIT has submitted its report. Now its upto Supreme court what decision they will give. Some analysts give this opinion that Nawaz Sharif should resign. And they are right in this, Nawaz Sharif has failed to deliver good administration to people. JIT report proves that PM has done corruption and named companies of Panama on name of his children.

Other leaders of the world have resigned on whom Panama leaks are proved, then why cant PM of Pakistan can resign when the corruption is proved?



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