PMLN’s propaganda for JIT…

The ongoing Panama case is focus of public attention these days. People on social media keep on discussing about the developments of the case. The social media groups of political parties bash each other on Panama case especially PTI and PMLN.

Recently, JIT called on Hussain Nawaz for inquiry. To make JIT controversial, PMLN has intentionally propagated the photo of Hussain Nawaz inquiry’s infront of Joint Investigation Team to catch public sympathy.

featured image

When Hussain Nawaz went in for JIT investigation he was wearing white shalwar qameez but he was wearing black shalwar qameez in the viral photo spread by PMLN. It is the propaganda by PMLN as they are the only beneficiary of it. After public protests of PMLN workers and accusations on JIT, now leaked photo of an innocent looking Hussain is being grilled. Everyone know what is being achieved by all this.

The purpose of propagating this picture is to show that JIT is biased and leaking the pictures whereas it’s not JIT behind the leak. Moreover, PMLN wants to secure a position to build the political case against JIT if the findings are against PMLN. This drama can make the investigation controversial and it is another leak episode to malign JIT. Sharif family should stop this propaganda so that the decision would be fair and merit based.

Afghan Blast and same false propaganda!

The deadliest Kabul blast yesterday took away lives of 80 people. Its another attempt by terrorist groups to destabilize the region. Afghan intelligence agency NDS, without any proof, has blamed Pakistan for bombing in Kabul and has said that Haqqanis carried out attack with ISI’s help. Afghans need to realize how brutally their soil is being used by Indians especially RAW for their dirty agendas. To achieve their targets, Afghans are paying heavy price in form of terrorism.

There are deeper questions to be asked to Afghan Government for example why was truck allowed in Kabul’s high security zone. Is everything from sewage to guard duty Pakistan’s responsibility?

Pakistan is itself victim of terrorism. We have suffered heavier losses than any other country including Afghanistan. We have lost more than 70,000 lives and Pakistan is suffering from terrorism or unrest fallout from Afghanistan. 
Weak government of Afghanistan is giving freedom of action to terrorists. NDS-RAW nexus created ISIS to weaken TTA (Tehrike Taliban Afgh) and same ISIS now turning its guns onward. The attack on mosque in Mazare sharif is also proof of poor army training and security.
India is taking advantage of the current situation of Afghanistan. Its strategy is to sandwich Pakistan from East (LOC) and West (Chaman). Continuous violation of LoC is proof of it. While it creating unrest inside Afghanistan and then put it on Haqqanis. To let Haqqanis be inextricably linked to Pakistan through deep propaganda and hence blaming Haqqani would be enough to blame Pakistan.

The fake Shining India!

India has done alot of fake propaganda about its economic development and has tried to convince the world that its not an ordinary country but a ‘Shining one’. They tell the world that investors should invest in India as emerging economic boom. All efforts of Indian marketing with respect to shining India failed when international organizations saw Indian brutalities on Kashmir people, saw combined graves and atrocities of Indian army in Assam and ManiPur.

Who are these people about whom no one cares? They are not being helped neither by their BJP Government nor by their organizations.  They dont have homes, live on streets, dont have shelter to save themselves from sun and heat.

Yet…. focus of Indian Government is to buy more arms and ammunition and to fund their RAW to conduct terrorist activities in neighbouring countries. Why dont international community raise voice in this matter and force India to focus on its people rather than focusing on spying and terrorism.

People in Kashmir are dying, Sikh community has faced discrimination and Khalistan movement emerged. Yet, Indian consulates in Afghanistan are funding terrorist groups like TTP and BLA. Moreover, it has been revealed that Indian defence adviser Ajit Doval has been supporting ISIS and US has taken notice of this. The statement of Indian PM during his visit to Bangladesh and statement of Indian minister (that we conduct terrorism to counter) reveals that focus of India is on destabilizing Pakistan and other neighbouring countries rather than focusing on its people and poverty elimination.

False Indian claims!

Indian media is fond of doing false propaganda against Pakistan. False videos and false media reports against Pakistan are meant to sabotage image of Pakistan and Pakistani armed forces.

Recently, The Indian media group The Indian Eye released a fake video of destroying Pakistani check post and claimed that that post was used for terrorist infiltration. The video is fake because the destroyed check post is on indian side..before the LoC. See the featured image of this blog and you will get to know that the attack occurred from Indian side it proves that Indians are destroying their own posts.
Moreover, Pakistan Army will never target civilians, its Indian Army that hit our civilians. This fake video is another false flag after imaginary surgical strike which shows that Indians live in wonderland.

According to Indian Air chief, IAF is not capable of fighting war against Pakistan. This statement perpetuates the so called strong defense of shining India. 

You cannot get rid of Panama case :p

PMLN is doing political mistakes as they were doing in past. To take away public attention, Government is now using different tactics and dragging PakArmy into political matters which is not acceptable. The purpose of these tactics is to malign Pakistan army.

Panama decision is near. One of these tactics is LoC firing. Some analysts believe that disturbance at Line of Control is due to Nawaz’s bowing attitude towards India. The purpose of disturbance at LoC is to diverge the attention of people from highlighted issue.

Pakistan Army is co-operating with Government at every level but still if PMLN do propaganda that army is against democracy than its false. Government is given chance otherwise army would have taken step of Martial law. Moreover, Army gave chance to government on Dawn leaks issue by taking back its statement as DG ISPR did press conference and then tweet on 29th April.

Panama decision is near, gov will divert the fiasco towards LOC, jindal, kulbushan and will defame army thru malicious campaign

Another diversion tactics could be the case of Kulbushan Yadav. As the decision of the Indian spy is still pending in ICJ court.

Recently, FIA has arrested some social media activists and the propaganda by PMLN started that army has grabbed them however those social media activists grabbed by FIA were in favour of army. So why would army support arrest of those activists?

Supreme Court should take notice and bring culprits infront of public. Government and judiciary should perform its duties just like PakArmy is doing.

Kashmir is bleeding…

Its been more than six decades that there is delay in resolving Kashmir issue. Kashmiris are facing continuous human rights violation by Indian armed forces. People of Kashmir want freedom from Indian atrocity and its really sad to see the propaganda their peaceful freedom is being terrorism.

The main reason of tensions between India and Pakistan is Kashmir. Its an unfinished agenda of subcontinent. Despite of UN resolutions for plebiscite in Kashmir, there is continuous delay from India. The extremist approach of current Modi’s Government is obvious and is seen during the recent violence in Kashmir when many innocent people are injured. The death of Burhan Wani incited unrest in Kashmir and 48 Kashmiris lost their lives and hundreds have lost their vision due to pellet gun shots during protests.

The strategic location of Kashmir is very important and is the main water hub for subcontinent. That is why India has kept control of Kashmir. But the plebiscite will decide whether Kashmiris want to join Pakistan or India or want to become an independent state. The rights of the people of Kashmir are suppressed and this has provoked them to protest.

Modi’s government need to realize that Indian army cant stop freedom struggle of Kashmiris. 43000 Kashmiris have lost their lives, 10000 are missing and 341 were killed in custody…still it seems that International community and human rights organizations are not putting enough pressure on India. The international community should stand up and should put pressure on India to conduct plebiscite in Kashmir according to United Nations’ resolutions as it is the solution to resolve this dispute.


Youth will kill Extremism…

Extremism and sectarianism has focus on dividing societies. Pakistan stands against all forms of extremism, sectarianism and terrorism. Foreign funded lobbies and sectarian groups are working to flourish sectarianism in our society.

Sectarianism is an issue which we cannot easily let go. Government must pay attention to sectarian issue beside other problems of Pakistan. There is need to reunite the whole nation, there is need to remove the misunderstanding and differences in nation.

The Government should not release those criminals who are involved in sectarian killings, punish them. Extremist elements must face law. Radical militant organizations like ASWJ pose the biggest threat to Pakistan’s sovereignty and security.

On 17th May 2017, youth seminar was held at GHQ where Army Chief and guest speakers emphasized on role of youth in killing extremism. Different extremist groups are targeting mindset of youth so that extremism would flourish in society. Today Pakistan is passing through tough time and its our young lot that has to come forward and fight against extremism and sectarianism. We have lost many lives due to sectarian violence and now we should be united against it.

There is need to realize that Pakistan is one nation and not the combination of different ideologies. We get this country on the power of unity and we should re-unite ourselves for the survival of our country.