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Americans applaud Pak’s war against terrorism….

Time and again US delegations have been visiting Pakistan to see how far Pakistan has been successful in eliminating terrorism. Previously, ZarbeAzb was focus of attention of international community and now Operation Radd-ul-Fassaad is world’s focus especially of US congressmen.

Recently, US senate delegation John McCain met COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa. The main focus of the meeting was to brief US delegation about Pakistan’s efforts in maintaining peace and stability in the region. According to official sources, the delegation was briefed about regional security situation including Afghanistan. Pakistan is making effort to secure Pak-Afghan border. US senator John McCain also agreed on importance of Pak-Afghan security cooperation and coordination.
Pakistan has been contributing towards peace and stability in the region through operations. Army Chief reiterated that Pakistan had done its best despite constraints and would continue its efforts for peace and stability. He said that Pak-US security cooperation is a key factor in bringing regional peace. Senator McCain appreciated and acknowledged Pakistan Army’s contributions and sacrifices for war on terror. He said Pakistan has a significant role for establishment of peace and stability in Afghanistan and peace and stability in Afghanistan is not possible without Pakistan’s help.

US delegation showed solidarity with Pakistan on Kashmir policy. Senator John McCain said there is no change in Washington’s Kashmir policy and US always want to end violence in Kashmir. The issue should be resolved in peaceful way through negotiation. 

Challenges for new Army Chief

With the change of command yesterday, Pakistan army has new army chief now…General Qamar Bajwa. The services and work of his predecessor General Raheel Sharif are being appreciated by people. The legacy set by General Raheel Sharif should continue.

With the gain in position, General Bajwa has to face challenges as new army chief. The top most challenge is to finish operation ZarbeAzb successfully. The operation ZarbeAzb was launched on 15th June 2014 in North Waziristan and still ongoing. This operation was expanded to other tribal areas by name Khyber-1 and Khyber-2.

Although the IDPs are going back to their homes, 2 stadiums i.e. Younis Khan and Afridi Cricket stadiums are being inaugurated, yet peaceful settlement of IDPs is one of the challenges that new Chief has to look upon.

Terrorism is still a biggest challenge despite the fact that Gen. Raheel did great job in taking Pakistan out from terrorism. He targeted terrorists and their  hide outs, nation hopes that Gen.Bajwa will continue this legacy.  Terrorists and extremists must be wiped out without any discrimination

Peace in Karachi is another challenge that new COAS has to look into. National action plan, which general Sharif has alluded to and which he has implemented all across the country, is  destroying terrorists and terrorism with tremendous success in Karachi…yet it is conspicuous by its absence in Punjab. Nation hopes that Gen. Bajwa will live up to expectations… Punjab Operation is awaited.

Nation expects from New COAS more success on the national defense strategies at an affordable cost to the nation. An improved civil-military interface inclined towards the national priorities (Action against Corruption).

Strict Policy towards India is need of time as the tension at LoC is increasing. The challenges are many and the hopes are high from new COAS …but new Army Chief is competent enough to deal with these challenges.



Raheel Sharif-Best Army Chief!

Its remarkable to see a Pakistani General turning out to be a STAR of the world. Its great to see General Raheel Sharif being acknowledged by International media for his services. He is not popular locally in his own public but he is World STAR now. Contribution of COAS in rooting out terrorism from the country and stabilizing the democracy have been appreciated by The Australian, BBC, CNN and many more.

Rooting out terrorism from the country was the major target of Army Chief and Pakistan has seen 69% of decline in terrorism. The tide of terrorism in Balochistan has been turned against terrorists and their sympathizers. Large number of Ferraris have surrendered and Pakistan army has shown commitment to continue to work with the provincial and federal govt towards greater security and stability.

COAS has said already, in one of his farewell speeches, that security and assistance to civil government in institution building and development work in remote areas has been his priority which brought him to Balochistan almost every month.

Southern Command has managed an arduous task of construction of over 1000 KM long road network in the rugged and hostile terrain..FWO and NLC which helped in building up CPEC in a stipulated time frame.

Gwadar port and CPEC will shine into new era of hope and prosperity for the area. CPEC has turned out to be the benchmark that will bring fruits not only for present but for future generations of Balochistan as well.

Our Army, apart from fighting the insurgents, has also put in place commendable initiatives in the education sector and providing employment to Baloch youth by recruiting more than five thousand in the Army. These measures will help in eliminating the sense of deprivation in the province and thereby denying the insurgents of a legitimate cause to mislead the Baloch youth.

The military action against the insurgents designed to establish the writ of the state in the province must continue with unruffled commitment as emphasised by the COAS.

The efforts of law enforcement agencies for stability and development of the Balochistan are commendable. The law and order situation in the province had substantially improved in the last 3 years and had begun to show its impact.

India is also trying to sabotage the CPEC through covert and overt means and making vigorous efforts to malign Pakistan at the international level by projecting its image as a state sponsoring terrorist activities in the neighboring countries, especially India.

Needless to emphasize that CPEC presents a historic opportunity to change economic profile of Pakistan and the economic situations of its teeming millions, especially the people of Balochistan besides unleashing an era of shared economic prosperity in the region, with Pakistan playing the role of an economic hub. Indeed Gen.Raheel Sharif has proved himself as best army chief and professional soldier.




Why to drag Army in DHA scam?

Few days before there was hype in media about involvement of Former Chief of Army staff, General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani’s brother Kamran Kiyani in DHA scandal. Few journalists tried to relate former army chief in this scandal through social media.

Instead of writing details of DHA scam, i will focus on some facts in my blog. The DHA scam propaganda was started when 17 billion rupees scandal became public. Some people are dragging former army chief in this scandal though the allegations are on his brother.

General(R) Ashfaq Kiyani’s brother Brigadier Amjad Pervez Kiyan said that ex-Army Chief is not involved in DHA scandal, it is narrative to defame Kiyani brothers. Moreover, blaming Pakistan Army and dragging this prestigious institution in this scandal isn’t fair. If there are allegations of corruption scandal on a relative of ex-Army Chief then it doesn’t mean that PakArmy is involved in this corruption case.

Further more, COAS Raheel Sharif had given orders to NAB to start investigation in DHA valley scam and not to spare anyone. This proves the commitment of Pakistan Army against corruption. As soon as NAB completes the investigation, the culprits will be in front of all and punishment will be given to those who are responsible in DHA scam.

The decision of NAB to investigate and contain property of Kiyani brothers is a good move..but has any one thought so far when our dear politicians will be investigated for their corruption?

Peace in Karachi

The month of march is significant with respect to marvelous job done by Rangers in Karaachi…any guess whats that??

o yes, you are right…i am talking about the raid of Rangers on 90 MQM office. This raid confirmed that security forces are determined against terrorism and criminal groups who are involved in it.

The law and order situation had been very critical in Karachi since last few years. It was already been established that political parties in Karachi has militant wings. Therefore, security forces had to take action against them. There is need of political consensus against militant wings that are in political parties.

Karachi is  economic hub of Pakistan. Progress of Pakistan is linked with restoration of peace in this ‘city of lights’. We should support our law enforcement agencies against terrorism. Yesterday, Chief of Army Staff, Gen Raheel Sharif said: ‘we have to give our future generation a terror free Pakistan.Taking terrorism head on for elimination in totality.’

The determination of Pakistan army and law enforcement agencies is obvious. The political parties, all stake holders and the people..the us…should support LEAs to clean up not only Karachi but whole country from menace of terrorism.

Thank you COAS!

Thank you Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Raheel Sharif

Finally the parade is held on 23rd March, the most awaited event nation was looking for. It  happened after gap of 8 years…After 8 years of fearless fight against terrorism. Hats off to our forces, our soldiers who are fighting this war against terrorists since last decade..to protect us, to save us and our children from the curse of terrorism.

Parade was great decision by Pak Army, thanks to Chief of Army staff for taking this decision. Nation was in dire need to see parade that used to be held on 23rd march. The roars of JF-17 thunder and courgae of soldiers shown during parade raised the morale of all Pakistanis. This year’s parade brought smiles on sad faces…  sad facesof women, chidren and old ones who have seen terrorist attacks. Our enemies demoralized our people through terror attack but this year’s parade will not only boost morale of terrorized and demoralized nation but of the army itself.

The nation needs unity and our national days bring us united. Its the task of leadership how to utilize these national days and bring the nation together and our COAS has done the same and proved himself as real national leader.

COAS visited UAE

In current situation, when Pakistan is facing terrorism and fighting against it through Zarb-e-Azb, it is necessary for the leaders of the state to keep in contact with International Community. Until and unless the leaders of the country wouldn’t have strong communication with their own people and with the leaders of international community, there wont be confidence on Pakistan’s efforts against terrorism and extremism.

Last month, United Arab Emirates organized International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. The International Defence Exhibition & Conference is a biennial arms and defence technology sales exhibition. According to Jane’s Defence Weekly, IDEX is the largest arms exhibition in the Middle East.

As a leading defence and maritime events of the region, IDEX attract more than 80,000 attendees from the world and the surrounding regions of the Middle East, Africa and Subcontinent. The central location of UAE within the Middle East attracts visitors from countries of the surrounding regions. These include representatives from each of the GCC (UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia), North Africa, Europe and the US. The Official Delegations of IDEX include individuals and representatives from Defence Ministers, Chiefs of Staff and Army, Navy and Airforce Commanders of all countries.

This year, Pakistan army participated in IDEX 2015. Pakistan Army Chief General Raheel Sharif went to UAE on 22nd February. He not only attended IDEX but also held meetings with military officials of UAE. He had one to one meeting with Chief of UAE Armed forces General Hamad Mohammad Thani Al Rumelthy and discussed matters of bilateral defence and security cooperation. The issues of regional security along with security collaboration were also discussed between the two Generals.

UAE leadership is looking forward to increase training of their troops from Pakistan Army. Leadership of UAE appraised achievements of Pakistan army in their military operation Zarb-e-Azb. The visitors of IDEX got to know about the capability and work of Pakistan army through the stalls.

The work done by Pakistani soldiers for peace and stability of the region are priceless and are being acknowledged by international leaders as well. Pakistan needs to project its efforts about curbing terrorism through ventures like IDEX.