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Afghan Blast and same false propaganda!

The deadliest Kabul blast yesterday took away lives of 80 people. Its another attempt by terrorist groups to destabilize the region. Afghan intelligence agency NDS, without any proof, has blamed Pakistan for bombing in Kabul and has said that Haqqanis carried out attack with ISI’s help. Afghans need to realize how brutally their soil is being used by Indians especially RAW for their dirty agendas. To achieve their targets, Afghans are paying heavy price in form of terrorism.

There are deeper questions to be asked to Afghan Government for example why was truck allowed in Kabul’s high security zone. Is everything from sewage to guard duty Pakistan’s responsibility?

Pakistan is itself victim of terrorism. We have suffered heavier losses than any other country including Afghanistan. We have lost more than 70,000 lives and Pakistan is suffering from terrorism or unrest fallout from Afghanistan. 
Weak government of Afghanistan is giving freedom of action to terrorists. NDS-RAW nexus created ISIS to weaken TTA (Tehrike Taliban Afgh) and same ISIS now turning its guns onward. The attack on mosque in Mazare sharif is also proof of poor army training and security.
India is taking advantage of the current situation of Afghanistan. Its strategy is to sandwich Pakistan from East (LOC) and West (Chaman). Continuous violation of LoC is proof of it. While it creating unrest inside Afghanistan and then put it on Haqqanis. To let Haqqanis be inextricably linked to Pakistan through deep propaganda and hence blaming Haqqani would be enough to blame Pakistan.

NDS officer arrested

Afghan intelligence agency NDS is involved in anti-Pakistan activities and FC has proved this fact yesterday. FC Balochistan has arrested Afghan intelligence officer in Chaman. This Afghan agent was living in Chaman, was training spies and carrying out terrorist activities in Balochistan. After the arrest of an Indian spy, Pakistani security agencies have detained an Afghan intelligence and recovered weapons, explosives and other material from his possession.

The seized material included four SMGs, one sniper scope, one LMG belt, three Motorola sets, 11 Motorola antennas, bundles of prime cord, 25 small ball bearings, 10 large ball bearings, grenade pins, 18 explosive batteries, 25 battery sticks, one switch button, 18 battery connections, one pistol cover, two empty ammo bags, 75 detonator fuses, 11 kg of explosives, one night vision scope and other items.

Security forces have also killed 15 suspected terrorists of a banned organisation in Johan area of Kalat and also destroyed their two hideouts. The sources said that LEAs recovered heavy ammunition from the hideouts. Several suspected terrorists were reportedly injured in the operation.

It has become obvious that NDS-RAW nexus fueling terrorism in Pakistan. Indian keep on poking its nose in internal matters of Pakistan and is adamant to support those forces who are involved in the destruction of Pakistan. India has been doing this since many years now and it’s spies are actively involved in Afghanistan to hire and support those elements who are doing all sorts of terrorism inside Pakistan.

Interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has appreciated this work of FC Balochistan. Because of FC, security situation in Balochistan is getting better. Terrorism in Balochistan has declined and peace is prevailing in the province.

There is need of a strong step from Afghan Government. Afghan government should right away inform the Indian government that they must not use the Afghan soil against Pakistan.