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Americans applaud Pak’s war against terrorism….

Time and again US delegations have been visiting Pakistan to see how far Pakistan has been successful in eliminating terrorism. Previously, ZarbeAzb was focus of attention of international community and now Operation Radd-ul-Fassaad is world’s focus especially of US congressmen.

Recently, US senate delegation John McCain met COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa. The main focus of the meeting was to brief US delegation about Pakistan’s efforts in maintaining peace and stability in the region. According to official sources, the delegation was briefed about regional security situation including Afghanistan. Pakistan is making effort to secure Pak-Afghan border. US senator John McCain also agreed on importance of Pak-Afghan security cooperation and coordination.
Pakistan has been contributing towards peace and stability in the region through operations. Army Chief reiterated that Pakistan had done its best despite constraints and would continue its efforts for peace and stability. He said that Pak-US security cooperation is a key factor in bringing regional peace. Senator McCain appreciated and acknowledged Pakistan Army’s contributions and sacrifices for war on terror. He said Pakistan has a significant role for establishment of peace and stability in Afghanistan and peace and stability in Afghanistan is not possible without Pakistan’s help.

US delegation showed solidarity with Pakistan on Kashmir policy. Senator John McCain said there is no change in Washington’s Kashmir policy and US always want to end violence in Kashmir. The issue should be resolved in peaceful way through negotiation. 

Afghan Blast and same false propaganda!

The deadliest Kabul blast yesterday took away lives of 80 people. Its another attempt by terrorist groups to destabilize the region. Afghan intelligence agency NDS, without any proof, has blamed Pakistan for bombing in Kabul and has said that Haqqanis carried out attack with ISI’s help. Afghans need to realize how brutally their soil is being used by Indians especially RAW for their dirty agendas. To achieve their targets, Afghans are paying heavy price in form of terrorism.

There are deeper questions to be asked to Afghan Government for example why was truck allowed in Kabul’s high security zone. Is everything from sewage to guard duty Pakistan’s responsibility?

Pakistan is itself victim of terrorism. We have suffered heavier losses than any other country including Afghanistan. We have lost more than 70,000 lives and Pakistan is suffering from terrorism or unrest fallout from Afghanistan. 
Weak government of Afghanistan is giving freedom of action to terrorists. NDS-RAW nexus created ISIS to weaken TTA (Tehrike Taliban Afgh) and same ISIS now turning its guns onward. The attack on mosque in Mazare sharif is also proof of poor army training and security.
India is taking advantage of the current situation of Afghanistan. Its strategy is to sandwich Pakistan from East (LOC) and West (Chaman). Continuous violation of LoC is proof of it. While it creating unrest inside Afghanistan and then put it on Haqqanis. To let Haqqanis be inextricably linked to Pakistan through deep propaganda and hence blaming Haqqani would be enough to blame Pakistan.

Youth will kill Extremism…

Extremism and sectarianism has focus on dividing societies. Pakistan stands against all forms of extremism, sectarianism and terrorism. Foreign funded lobbies and sectarian groups are working to flourish sectarianism in our society.

Sectarianism is an issue which we cannot easily let go. Government must pay attention to sectarian issue beside other problems of Pakistan. There is need to reunite the whole nation, there is need to remove the misunderstanding and differences in nation.

The Government should not release those criminals who are involved in sectarian killings, punish them. Extremist elements must face law. Radical militant organizations like ASWJ pose the biggest threat to Pakistan’s sovereignty and security.

On 17th May 2017, youth seminar was held at GHQ where Army Chief and guest speakers emphasized on role of youth in killing extremism. Different extremist groups are targeting mindset of youth so that extremism would flourish in society. Today Pakistan is passing through tough time and its our young lot that has to come forward and fight against extremism and sectarianism. We have lost many lives due to sectarian violence and now we should be united against it.

There is need to realize that Pakistan is one nation and not the combination of different ideologies. We get this country on the power of unity and we should re-unite ourselves for the survival of our country.


Militants Free Balochistan..

Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan and focal point of Pak-China Economic Corridor (CPEC). Balochistan is connecting the regions of the Middle East, Southwest Asia, Central Asia and South Asia providing the shortest route from seaports to Central Asia. The geo-strategic location of Balochistan is very important and its location is the key for its progress.

Due to importance of Balochistan, this province is target of enemies. Baloch separatist groups are creating unrest in this province. Foreign funding is provided to these separatist groups is provided by RAW. These banned separatist groups are BLA, BRA, BLF.

FC and other law enforcement agencies are doing operation against these militant groups. 434 militants from BLA and BRA have surrendered to the authorities. The authorities say that around 1500 militants have surrendered so far. The surrender ceremony was attended by senior military and civilians leaders.

LEAs are looking forward for surrender of more militants. This proves that terrorists groups are weakened and peace will prevail in Balochistan.


Why you always blame us?

Recent Berlin attack was a very sad incident that took away lives of 12 people and 48 people got badly injured. Today, I came across an article written by Aarti Tikoo Singh in Times of India and it seemed like just writing baseless points against Pakistan. The author said in it that unless world powers get together to dismantle nuclear Pakistan’s jihadi terror camps, we will keep seeing attacks like Berlin.

Linking Berlin attack to Pakistan is quite astonishing and illogical when the news is public that ISIS has accepted the responsibility of attack. Its been more than one decade, Pakistan is fighting against terrorism.

Pakistan’s nuclear program is India specific and IAEA is satisfied with standards of Pakistan nuclear plants. So the so called ‘worriers’ of the world dont need to be worried about Pakistan nuclear program..it is in safe hands and is secure.

As far as terror camps are concerned..ZarbeAzb has removed terrorists and their hideouts from tribal areas and action against their sleeper cells is taken nation wide. Karachi operation, Punjab operation and operation in Balochistan are perfect examples of this.

We have lost more than seventy thousand lives and more than one hundred billion dollars of finance in this fight against terrorism..still the ‘intellectuals’ lie Aarti Tikoo blame Pakistan for any terrorist activity in the world…WOW!


Gen.Raheel Shairf-a brain bringing National Unity Against Terrorism

When he took over the charge of Pakistan Army in 2013, the country was facing terrorism and every one was talking about peace talks with TTP…yet no one was daring to fight against them. And the person who dared to take against terrorists was YOU. Im talking about, no one other but, Gen. Raheel Sharif. 

After the failure of peace talks and continuous terrorists’ activities, especially after Karachi airport attack, the leadership of the country decided to take action against terrorists and their hideouts. ZarbeAzb was launched on 15th of June 2014 in North Waziristan.

As a result of operation ZarbeAzb, more than 8000 terrorists are killed and their hideouts are destroyed. This operation was extended throughout the country. NAP was implemented after APS attack and groups that were involved in hate speech and extremism were banned. Sipah-e-sihaba and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi were banned. The operation against banned outfits was increased in Balochistan. Action was taken against terrorists’ groups in Balochistan, who are foreign funded, like BLA BRA etc. FC Balochistan did successful operation against them and many people surrendered peacefully infront of forces. 

Karachi operation was launched by PakArmy and it should tremendous results in bringing peace in Karachi. There is 69% decline in terrorism within last 2 years. 

Taking decision of military courts and hanging terrorists through these courts is the successful initiative by General Raheel Sharif. 

He represented Pakistan at international level and made international community recognize the services of Pakistan against terrorism. The world acknowledges COAS as #1 Army General of the world and it is a great pride for us..for Pakistan. 

Dear Afghanistan..please stop!

Stability in this region is very very important for progress of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Peace in Afghanistan is need of time that will ensure regional peace and stability. There is need of talks between all stake holders of Afghanistan and this is what Pakistan stands for. Peace talks were a step towards peace and steps like these will help in initiating peace in Afghanistan.

Through operation ZarbeAzb, terrorists’ infrastructure in Waziristan was destroyed but TTP made its hideouts in Afghanistan. There is need of joint military co-operation to end terrorism from this region.The meetings of Pakistani officials is meant for regional peace. Pakistan reiterated whole hearted support for Afghanistan and its leadership to bring peace in Afghanistan.

It is very sad to see that Afghanistan blames Pakistan for its troubles however Pakistan always stands for peace in Afghanistan because when there is peace in Afghanistan there will be peace in Pakistan as well. Instead of blaming Pakistan, Afghanistan should look into the work done by Indian consulates and how NDS is working on their agenda.

Securing Pak-Afghan border is right of Pakistan. The continuous blame of terrorists infiltration demands check posts and secured border.

Pakistan is hosting millions of Afghan refugees since last three decades. Both countries can progress only if peace sustains. Afghanistan and other regional countries should realize the importance of peace talks because such is a rare occasion for restoring peace and it does not come every day. Blaming Pakistan is not solution of Afghanistan’s problems, they need to remove TTP hideouts for the regional peace.