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Americans applaud Pak’s war against terrorism….

Time and again US delegations have been visiting Pakistan to see how far Pakistan has been successful in eliminating terrorism. Previously, ZarbeAzb was focus of attention of international community and now Operation Radd-ul-Fassaad is world’s focus especially of US congressmen.

Recently, US senate delegation John McCain met COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa. The main focus of the meeting was to brief US delegation about Pakistan’s efforts in maintaining peace and stability in the region. According to official sources, the delegation was briefed about regional security situation including Afghanistan. Pakistan is making effort to secure Pak-Afghan border. US senator John McCain also agreed on importance of Pak-Afghan security cooperation and coordination.
Pakistan has been contributing towards peace and stability in the region through operations. Army Chief reiterated that Pakistan had done its best despite constraints and would continue its efforts for peace and stability. He said that Pak-US security cooperation is a key factor in bringing regional peace. Senator McCain appreciated and acknowledged Pakistan Army’s contributions and sacrifices for war on terror. He said Pakistan has a significant role for establishment of peace and stability in Afghanistan and peace and stability in Afghanistan is not possible without Pakistan’s help.

US delegation showed solidarity with Pakistan on Kashmir policy. Senator John McCain said there is no change in Washington’s Kashmir policy and US always want to end violence in Kashmir. The issue should be resolved in peaceful way through negotiation. 

US Elections and Pak-US Relations!

US Election 2016 has been the hot topic of this year and currently it is the most discussed topic among the people. And the reason for this is obvious…The importance of USA and every country wants to keep relations with it.

The society of US is diverse. It is mixture of blacks, whites, and immigrants from Asian countries. Although US claims itself as champion of democracy, yet they have done biggest blunder of their history by selecting Donald Trump as their President. Yes, Donald Trump has finally won this election despite the fact how capable Hillary Clinton is.

Donald Trump is a business man and Hillary Clinton is a seasoned politician. Still he won because of the public sentiment as they dont want immigrants in their country and they supported the slogan of ‘building walls’.

The most interesting fact about US is that whoever is their President, their state policies remain same. So, those who are afraid of new President…they shouldn’t be…

While listening to Pakistanis living in US, they are afraid of being deported. They are afraid of racism and hate. The US Pakistan relations will remain the same as the interests of US in this region are still there. Their policy with respect to immigrants, and relations with other countries will remain the same. Instead of worrying about Trump’s election as President, we need to focus on our own system..on our own society..how we can work to improve our country.


Anti-Pakistan congressmen

Last month, a group of US senators visited Pakistan including Senator John McCain. This group took positive image of Pakistan to US and Sen. McCain even tweeted to laud positive role of Pakistan in fight against terrorism and praised the achievements of operation ZarbeAzb.

The views in US congress vary from group to group, from one political party to another. As soon as, one group (that was lead by Sen. McCain) took positive image of Pakistan, another group came up in Congress that gave vicious criticism on Pakistan. There was joint subcommittee hearing of House Foreign Affairs Committee in US Congress.  This hearing was held last week as “Pakistan: Friend or foe?” that showed more heat than expected. 

This committee seemed to be influenced by some Indian lobby and presence of Zalmy Khalilzad (ethnic Afghan who was US ambassador to Kabul and Baghdad) proved why there was anti-Pakistan heat. This congressional panel has demanded banning of all US assistance to Pakistan so that Pakistan would against the Afghan Taliban groups allegedly using its territory to launch operations into Afghanistan.

These comments of US congressmen were broadcasted live on internet. The Pakistani embassy in Washington had to clarify the position of Pakistan and said that the United States and Pakistan are allies and there is “positive counter-terrorism cooperation between the two countries”. Pakistan’s Foreign Affairs Adviser Sartaj Aziz says that this move is motivated by “baseless concerns” of a few of US lawmakers.

The anti-Pakistani sentiment seen in the US congress is under influence of any Indian lobby who is always willing to give tag of ‘terrorist’ to Pakistan.

The efforts of Pakistan to bring peace in this region are priceless. its been more than a decade that Pakistan is fighting against terrorism. Pakistan has lost lives of more than 70,000 people and one hundred billion dollars due to war on terror..yet these congressmen still raise questions on sincerity of Pakistan..WHY?